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What is 1500 Loan?


An emergency has just hit, and you don’t have money to make it to the end of the month. What do you do? If you’re like millions of other Americans, you might turn to payday loans.

Some limitations of small-dollar cash advance loans


There is a problem, though! Most payday loan lenders provide loans for a term of 14 to 30 days. Also, the most you can borrow is $1000. The amount can be lower depending on where you live. For instance, you can only borrow up to $500 in Alaska, Missouri, Alabama, etc. In summary, the limitations of payday cash loans, include:

  • Small loan amount.
  • Not available in 12 states.
  • Their short term nature may make them unmanageable.
  • Heavily regulated.
  • Some lenders don’t check if borrowers can afford loans.

Therefore, they are more likely to fall into debt traps.

The Solution: 1500 Loan No Credit Check Monthly Payments


Let’s attempt to explain each aspect of the heading: Here is a quick summary:

Term Meaning
1500 Loan Borrow one thousand five hundred dollars.
No Credit CheckLender performs a soft credit check
Monthly paymentsPay your loan after about 4 weeks

$1500 Loan


It means that you can borrow one thousand five hundred dollars. Since it’s a loan, you’ll have to pay interest. The lender also sets due dates, when they expect you to pay some part of the principal and interest accrued.

No Credit Check


A credit check’ takes place when someone requests a copy of your credit report from Equifax, Experian, or TransUnion. When banks or credit card companies request the report, the check is considered a “hard check or pull.” It’s recorded in the credit report.

A future lender who requests the file can see the frequency and number of hard checks. If they are many, the new lender will deem the borrower “risky.” Also, hard checks lower your scores.

“No credit check,” means the online direct lender will check your credit report with a soft inquiry, which is not recorded. Therefore, it has no potential of affecting your credit scores when they are calculated.

Monthly payments


A personal loan from a bank is usually repaid with monthly payments. That’s after 30 days. Most bank loans have terms of 24 months to 60 months. Long terms are offered for higher loan amounts ranging from $7500 to $35000.
With a $1500 loan, however, you’ll get lenders offering short terms ranging from 90 days (3 months) to 12 months.

Quick Benefits of 1500 loans with monthly payments

  • Short-term

Their short-term nature makes them ideal for emergencies. You don’t have to borrow a high loan amount just to make a few house repairs. Dealing with loan payments for several years is not a cup of tea for everyone.

People generally like to be debt-free, but emergencies cause them to borrow loans. You also don’t have to make huge adjustments in the long run such as cutting your expenses just to survive.

  • Less interest amount than long term loans

The short-term nature means that the loan accrues interest on fewer days. You’ll pay less interest than if you took out the loan for several years.

  • Easy to qualify for

The longer the borrower has the loan, the higher the risk of them running into financial problems that may hamper their ability to repay. That’s why you’ll find banks following a very strict underwriting process to select the most ideal borrowers. Banks prefer:

  • Borrowers with good credit.
  • Those earning an average income.
  • People who have been working in their field for many years.
  • Customers with assets, which they can liquidate in case they can’t keep up with the repayments.

Therefore, qualifying for long term loans is harder. You’ll also need many documents for your application.
On the other hand, direct lenders offering short term 1500 no credit check loans have less stringent requirements. Most accept borrowers with bad credit or poor credit.

  • Fast Funding

Due to the relaxed lending atmosphere created by bad credit lenders, getting these loans tends to be fast. You’ll have fewer hurdles to overcome. There will be no in-person interview to attend. Most importantly, you can apply online without ever visiting the lender’s location.

  • Get to improve your credit

For normal payday loans, lenders might not report your on-time repayments to credit reporting agencies. However, if a loan has a monthly repayment plan, the lender may report on-time repayments. It will allow you to improve your credit if it’s low or poor.

Alternatives to a 1500 loan


If you’re not comfortable with a no credit check personal loan, there are other options to get $1500:

a. Obtain a salary advance

Some companies provide employee loans or salary advances. The repayments will be deducted from your future wages.
How much can you borrow? It’s usually 40 percent of your monthly income, and you must have worked for a set number of days, usually 14 days or more.

b. Borrow from friends and family

You might annoy some of them and alienate others but it could mean getting a loan without paying fees. What you save can be used to buy thank you gifts for them. Now, the reason this borrowing option doesn’t work so well is that people fail to honor their pledges. Don’t be that person.

c. Car cash loans

Car loans let you borrow against the value of your car. You may get up to $20000, but the interest rates might be high.

d. Advance on credit cards

This option lets you withdraw funds against your remaining credit. You can access your funds at an ATM or over the counter. However, you might not have the chance to borrow as much as $1500.

Five steps to borrow your 1500 loan


1) Ensure you meet the basic qualification criteria

The first step is really to ensure you meet the basic qualification requirements. Lenders require borrowers to be at least 18 years old. They must be U.S. Citizens or permanent residents with green cards.

As a borrower, you also need a stable income. For a short term or payday loan, the income can be derived from a wide range of sources, including unemployment benefits, social security benefits, annuities, etc.

2) Find lending companies that can offer a 1500 loan with monthly payments

Specifically, you’ll have to find “installment loan lenders.” There are many ways to do this, including searching for loan stores near you for offline applications. Online, you can use Google, Bing or any other search engine. Simply, search for the relevant terms.

These two options are not as fast and efficient as the third option. It entails applying for your cash advance loan through a loan matching service. This service specializes in connecting lenders to customers seeking out bad credit loan products. With a crowded online space, it is especially important to find pre-qualified leads.

3) Fill out your loan form

The loan form consists of fields you have to fill out. For instance, the lending company requires information about your monthly income, pay frequency, banking information, date of birth, Social Security Number, state of residence, zip code, etc. Provide the most accurate information in your application because the lender will later verify these details.

4) Get approved

You’ll receive a loan offer in your email minutes after your form is processed. You’re approved if the lender offers 1500 dollar loans in your state. They also approve your application if you’re earning a stable wage and have an active checking account.
The lender performs a final verification step where they try to verify your details against data from consumer reporting agencies. If they can’t, they will ask for documents to be uploaded or emailed, including:

• Recent pay stubs or bank account statements, usually for the past 3 months.
• Copies of your government-issued ID. It’s mostly a driver’s license.
• Utility bills such as electric or water. That’s because they have to confirm your state of residence.

You’ll receive the loan agreement to sign after the final verification. Go over the terms and conditions of the loan carefully, noting any fees and penalties.

Ensure that the direct lender has given you affordable monthly payments. Check the interest rate, and confirm if they will conduct a traditional credit check before they offer you the loan.

5) Receiving funds

There are three common ways to get your funds with online loans:

a. Paper Checks – They are a bit slow and might take up to 10 business days to arrive.
b. Deposits to prepaid cards – Some select lenders can deposit loan funds to cards. It is a very fast way of receiving your $1500, and you can use the funds immediately.
c. Direct deposits to your bank account
With this option, you get funds by the next business day. It’s also a fast way to receive your loan payment.
6. Repaying the loan
The lender requires each monthly payment on a set day. Failure to meet this requirement could mean incurring late fees. It will only make your cash advance loan expensive.

Find a 1500 Loan Guaranteed


“Guaranteed” here means that despite having a low income or credit scores, you’ll have a high probability of getting approved. At Just Right Loans, you can get your cash advance or payday loan by filling out our application form. You’ll start receiving offers from bad and no credit check lenders minutes after submitting it. Click “Apply Now” to start.