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Why do I need 24 hour loans?


Do you need to raise cash within the next 24 hours? Several of life’s surprises may force you to find funds in such a limited time, for instance, a medical emergency like an abrupt ambulance ride. Maybe it’s your pet that needs urgent veterinary services. Even a sudden relocation could force you to find funds quickly. If your car has suddenly broken down, you’ll be left scrambling for emergency cash.

Do you earn a monthly or biweekly salary?


If so, you can obtain a cash advance from online lenders. Can you still get a loan if you’re not employed? Yes, provided you’re receiving annuities or federal benefits. The amount doesn’t have to be much. With an income of $750+, you can qualify for a loan.

24 hour loans: All you need to know


The loans are designed to be fast, easy to qualify for, and convenient. Most are payday loans. A “payday” is the date on which your wages are paid. With cash loans, the lender sets the repayment date on the payday.

Once you receive your paycheck, the lender expects their cash before you use it for other expenses such as paying your rent. Here are more features of payday loans:

a. Automatic payment (withdrawals)


There is a reason most lenders prefer checking accounts. A checking account is enabled to receive direct electronic deposits. Also, the lender can take out funds from the account automatically on the loan’s due date. You’ll have to grant the lender permission when you’re getting your details verified. It’s called an “ACH Authorization.”

If you set up automatic payments, it’s vital to have enough funds on the payment date. If you borrow $100 at a finance charge of $15 for 14 days, you’ll need at least $115 in your account.

If not, the bank will impose insufficient fees, which can be up to $35. Lenders equally impose late fee penalties, mostly $15. Missing one payment will dramatically increase the cost of your 24 hour payday loan. Here are some ways to stop automatic payments if you don’t have enough funds.:

1. Call your cash advance lender, and ask them to put a hold on the ACH payment. Some borrowers choose to revoke the company’s permission to charge their accounts.
2. Automatic debits are also stopped by writing to banks informing them of the revocation.
3. Giving your bank a stop order.

If you stop the payment, it does not mean canceling the contract with the lender. It’s still valid, and you’ll need to meet your obligations.

b. Loan amount, term & cost


Here is a table summarizing the features & terms of 24 hour bad credit loans:

Term/duration14-35 days
Amount$100 to $1000
Finance chargeAverage costs are $15 for $100 borrowed for 14 days

c. Fast turnaround times


Welcome to the world of ultimate convenience. With direct lenders offering same-day funding, you can get your funds on the day you apply. You’ll just need to complete the loan application and receive the final decision before the same-day cut-off times.

Next-day funding ensures you get funds on the next working day. Business days are from Monday to Friday. If you apply on Friday, the funds are available on Monday since banks don’t handle transactions on weekends.

d. No credit score requirements


Does this mean that the lender will not check my credit report during the loan application? No, the lending company only performs a soft check as a background requirement. Your credit score is not factored in the lending decision.

Five Benefits of 24 hour payday loans


1) Timely

They are well-suited for emergencies because of their short lead times. It’s even possible to apply for payday loans in-store and walk out with cash. However, you can’t beat the convenience of applying for 24 hour loans on the web.

You save your time. There is no need to commute to a loan store, and you might save on fuel too. On the web, you can also apply day or night. Direct lenders who operate for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week will process your loan anytime and send you an offer.

2) Reliable

Traditional bank loans follow strict underwriting processes. Many people who apply might not get approved. Payday loans are mostly approved. If one lender turns you down, you can find another lender quickly thanks to a competitive market.

3) Fast

Get your issues sorted by tomorrow or even by 5:00 p.m. today. Fast loan processing & funding is advantageous in so many ways. If your car was impounded, you can get it back. If your utilities were turned off, you can get back on track. If you received a notice to pay overdue rent, you can get that sorted out.

4) Bad credit is accepted

Millions of Americans have bad credit. Traditional loans are out of the picture for them. Bad credit direct lenders have stepped in to bridge this gap by not basing their approvals on the applicants’ credit scores.

5) Less strict requirements

It allows more people to apply for loans. The loan’s approval time is also shortened since the lender doesn’t ask for many documents. Details you enter in the loan application form are what’s used to pre-qualify you.

Why do cash advance loans have high-interest rates?

Compare them with other credit options and you’ll note that they have high APRs. For instance, you can encounter a cash advance loan with an APR of 365%. Its daily interest rate comes to 1%. If you borrowed $100 for 15 days, you would pay back $115.

Payday loans might not seem as expensive if you’re borrowing them for several days or weeks. However, if the loan duration was 365 days, you would pay back several times the principal amount you borrowed.

Now, the reason for the high-interest rates has to do with the risk the lender is assuming. Take for instance that the lender doesn’t ask for collateral. When the borrower defaults, the lender’s only recourse is hiring or selling the account to a collection agency.

Quickly find short-term loans


Have you ever used the services of a loan matching service? You’re matched to lenders quickly & efficiently. The matching service does not originate loans nor service them. It’s payday lenders in their network who provide these services.

Just Right Loans is a matching service. We have matched many borrowers to the right short term loans. Apply for your payday loan right here through the form on this page. You can choose a loan amount of $100 to $5000, fill out your names, and hit the get started button.

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