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Guaranteed Personal Loan Approval Direct Lender – An Introduction


Have you had a look at your credit scores of late? Well, if you have a FICO score of 680 and above, banks have a higher likelihood of granting you loans. A score of 620 to 679 is considered near-prime, and some traditional loan companies may consider approving your loan application if you have sufficient earnings, a low debt-to-income ratio, liquid assets, etc. If your score falls between 580 to 619, it’s deemed fair or poor. Qualifying for a bank loan with favorable terms becomes almost impossible.

Reasons why you might have bad credit


Knowing the reasons for poor credit helps you adopt good financial discipline. Your credit score is calculated by looking at many factors. Some of the things that lower it include:

• Racking up a history of late payments on past credit accounts.
• Loan defaults and charge offs.
• Overdue loans or bills transferred to collections.
• Chapter 7 Bankruptcy filings.
• Having a mortgage that has entered foreclosure.
• Wage garnishment after getting sued in court.
• Many hard credit checks.
• High credit utilization, for instance, maxing out cards.

Are there any guaranteed loans for bad credit?


“Guaranteed” implies that it’s almost a must for the lender to grant you the loan. However, you have to meet the basic requirements. For instance, assume that these are the basic requirements for a loan:
• Minimum age of 18 years old.
• Be a US citizen or permanent resident with a social security number.
• Maximum debt to income ratio of 50 percent.
• Minimum income of $1000 after tax.
• A credit score of 500 and above.
If you meet these basic requirements, you’re almost guaranteed of getting a loan fast.

Hard credit vs. Soft credit checks: The comparison table


Checking your credit report lets you see your past credit history. Your prior and current credit cards will be listed. If you took out a payday loan, it’s highly unlikely that it will be recorded.

Most cash-loan lenders don’t report your payment history to credit bureaus. It’s also because you generally repay the loan in one lump sum. Credit checks fall into two types, and here are the differences:

Hard credit check or pullSoft credit check or pull
It’s recorded in your credit report as a negative markSoft checks are not recorded. Not visible to other parties
Mandated before a traditional lender makes the final decision to lend to youDone to pre-qualify you for an offer for loans or credit cards
Requires your authorizationDone to pre-qualify you for an offer for loans or credit cards
It reduces your scores when they are calculatedDon’t impact your scores in any way
Examples: When you apply for student loans, car loans, mortgages, rental approval, etc.Examples: Personally viewing your score. Background checks, insurance quotes, credit offers, payday loan applications, etc.

How can I get a 5000 loan with bad credit?


Applying for a 5000 loan is easy. There are very few roadblocks in your way.

Step 1: Find lenders

Specifically, you need to find companies that don’t have policies against lending to subprime borrowers. Traditional institutions have to conform to regulations that prevent them from taking on risky debts.

Fortunately, private online lending companies can take on riskier loans. They have to protect borrowers and not issue reckless loans. They obey regulations like state interest rate limits and disclose all the loan’s costs as per the Truth in Lending Act.

Do you need to find a lender fast?


Use a loan matching service like Just Right Installment Loans. We have direct lenders in our network. Fill out the form on this page asking for your first name, last name, email & zip code. Then, click “Get Started.”

Step 2: Fill out the loan application

On our site, you’ll be directed to the full loan form. It’s fast to fill out. The information you provide will allow lenders to determine if you fit their profile. If so, they send you an offer. Some of the details required include:

• Personal info — Full name, street address, apartment or suite number, zip code, whether you rent or own, email, primary phone, the best time you can receive a phone call, active military duty status. Most military members don’t qualify for most online loans.

• Employment details — It includes details on your monthly income, employer’s name, address, zip code, & phone number. You also have to state your pay frequency and your next payday date.

• Banking information — Lenders need your banking info to make direct deposits to your account. Bank details help them set up automatic payments on your paydays. The details you provide include the account number, routing number, account type, etc.

• Security information — By law, lenders must perform background checks. It prevents fraudsters from using your details to take out loans. That’s the reason you provide your social security number, driver’s license number & state, date of birth, etc.

Step 3: Accept the loan offer

After submitting a loan application, you might receive a call from a lender to notify you that they can lend cash to you. This is the loan offer. It’s also standard to receive an email. Ensure the details on the loan form are accurate because it’s what the lender uses to qualify you.

Step 4: Complete the verification process

Lenders verify the details you provided to ensure you’re being honest. For instance, they may ask for recent pay stubs or bank statements as proof of your earnings. Your scanned photo ID may be required for identity verification.

Step 5: Signing the loan agreement

You’ll receive a digital PDF copy of your loan agreement. Go over it with a keen eye. Some of the things to note include the interest rate, loan duration, amount & frequency of installments, etc. Note that if you receive your paycheck after two weeks, you might have two repayments in a month.

Step 6: Receiving funds

The lender makes a direct electronic deposit to your bank account. Most lenders prefer checking accounts because you may be asked to write an advanced check or send a void check, which is used to set up automatic debits.

Who is a guaranteed personal loan approval direct lender?

Direct lenders act as one-stop shops for loans. They process your application, underwrite loans, perform the final verification, prepare the loan agreement for signing, and transfer the funds to your checking account.

Pros and drawbacks of guaranteed approval personal loans?



  • No hard check

It gives you the liberty to shop and get multiple offers from different loan companies. Your credit scores stay intact.

  • Fewer requirements

Bank loans are slow because of rigorous examination of the borrower’s past credit history. Bad credit loans lenders evaluate your ability to meet your monthly payments.

  • No security

Most personal loans are not secured with the borrower’s assets. You don’t have to risk your house, car, shares, or savings. It keeps your future stable.

  • Potentially lower interest rates

The average interest rate for personal loans ranges from 5.99% to 35.99%. Therefore, they can be cheaper than a payday loan with triple-digit rates. Some states don’t have interest caps on installment loans. Pay close attention to the APR you’re given.

  • Quick approval

Avoid waiting for many days for a bank to approve your loan. Bad guaranteed loans are fast solutions to financial difficulties.

  • Loan duration

Bad credit loans have terms of up to 60 months or 5 years. In that time you’ll get your finances in order.

Many customers who borrow a payday loan struggle with the one-lump payment. Even if you pay it, you might have a shortfall of funds to cater for day-to-day living expenses forcing you to take out another loan.

  • Drawbacks

The biggest drawback is that bad credit loans have higher interest rates. Secondly, the loan amount is lower.

Bad Credit Personal Loans Guaranteed Approval 5000


What does “guaranteed approval mean?” It means that it’s probable you’ll get your loan if you fulfill the basic requirements.

Discover the best loans for bad credit! Start by filling out the short form on Just Right Installment loans and click the “Get Started” button.

Frequently asked questions


1) Is a personal loan an installment loan?


Yes, and you may also call it a traditional loan. You repay installment loans in parts. Each repayment goes towards the principal and interest accrued. It’s called “personal” because it’s meant for individual use.

2) How fast can I receive a loan with poor credit?


Some lenders provide this type of loan in less than 24 hours. Generally, you should receive funds in one or two business days.

3) Do traditional loan lenders offer bad credit personal loans?


No, you’ll have to find online cash advance or installment loans.

3) What can I do to increase the chances of getting accepted for online loans?


Have a job that provides you with a regular and predictable paycheck. Don’t have lots of debt. Provide the lender with accurate information that’s verifiable.

4) Is a payday loan considered a type of personal loans?


Technically, it shares some features with a personal loan. It’s unsecured and meant for individual use. However, a cash advance has one repayment. You might also come across a bad credit payday loan with a term of up to 90 days or 3 months.