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Where to Find Trusted Installment Loans Direct Lenders?


From time-to-time, you might find yourself backed into a corner and in need of quick financial relief. You might opt for cash advance or payday loans. Borrowers get 14 – 30 days to repay them. Additionally, the maximum amount you can borrow in some states is $500 or $300 in California.

Opting for a long-term installment loan might be a better option. It does not matter if you have bad credit. Just apply to online lenders. Unlike banks, they are not interested in taking a deep look at your past credit history. Instead, they lend cash to you if your income demonstrates that you can handle the repayments. What are other features of loans with no credit? Let’s quickly find out:

What’s the simplest definition of installment loans?

An installment loan is repaid in equal installments. It’s like adding the principal amount to the total interest and dividing everything by the number of intervals in the term. You can have biweekly or monthly payments depending on your paycheck schedule. Always use a simple interest calculator to counter check the monthly installment amount you’re obligated to pay. Just search for the calculators online, and they are simple & free to use.

Who are No Credit Check Lenders?


No “Credit Check” is a term that needs to be clearly explained to avoid confusion. “Does it mean that the lender will not check my credit report?” No. It means that they will check the report, but it is going to be a soft credit check that’s not recorded. It will not affect your credit score. To summarize:

  • Soft credits are not recorded. No one can see recent soft pulls.
  • They don’t hurt your score when it’s calculated.
  • A lender can’t know if you have been applying for a loan with different companies.

Hard credit checks affect your score. They are considered negative marks. Traditional lenders have to perform hard pulls before giving the final verdict on your loan application. Hard pulls are recorded and may remain in your report for more than a year. A lender viewing your file can see the number of hard pulls. Too many of them indicate that you’re desperate for a loan, or that you have been receiving frequent rejections.

Direct Lenders: How to find one


Are you searching for installment loans online? Some companies specialize in matching potential borrowers to willing & experienced credit companies. They do not originate or process your loan, but only offer matching services. A direct lender has to fulfill certain obligations:

  • They should originate your loan directly after processing your application.
  • They service your loan.
  • You receive money in your account from their bank accounts.
  • You also make payments to them on scheduled dates.
  • They often work with loan matching services to find direct clients easily.

Things to keep in mind before applying for installment loans


Borrowing a loan does not equate to getting free money. You have to repay the principal and interest (loan cost). As the borrower, you’ll be entering into a legally binding contract with the lender. You promise to abide by the loan’s terms and conditions. You even append your signature to the document. Here are good practices to abide by when searching for long term installment loans:

  • Shop around for the lowest interest rates. You stand to save your money.
  • Ensure that your monthly income is not only sufficient to cover the loan payments but what is leftover can cover your day-to-day costs.
  • Before submitting your loan request, check if the lender conducts a hard credit check. Hard pulls result in dropped credit score points.
  • Consider other alternatives, for instance, borrowing from friends & family, signing up for assistance programs, etc.
  • Ensure you’re working with a credible business. It must have the right certifications and provide loans as per your state’s lending laws.
  • Have a long-term financial plan in place. Do not borrow for the sake of it. Leverage your loan for new investments or to improve your credit profile.

What are some qualifications needed to obtain installment loans?


The loans are relatively easy and fast to obtain. You will not get the same efficiency from traditional financial institutions. Some of the entry requirements include:

  • An age limit of at least 18 years old.
  • Be a resident of a state where the laws permit installment loans.
  • Demonstrate to the lender that you have a steady source of funds from gainful employment. Some lenders accept income from federal benefit programs, pensions, or annuities.
  • You must not have recently completed Chapter 7 bankruptcy proceedings. Do not apply if you’re about to start new filings. Can you get loans for bad credit if you filed for bankruptcy in the past? The answer is yes.
  • Some lenders have minimum income restrictions. Others specify the duration you must have worked at your current job, for instance, 6 or 12 months.

Valuable tips for the first-time borrower


Educate yourself about this loan option thoroughly long before you accept a loan offer. Information is your greatest asset. You should know how to spot a good lender, negotiate the loan’s terms, and understand the consequences of late payments or defaults.

How to find good monthly installment loans no credit check direct lenders:

  • Make a plan & understand your needs

Understand your needs. If you’re borrowing money to finance home repairs, sit down and calculate all the costs involved. It’s preferable to have one loan to solve your pressing problems. Find out the period of time you’re comfortable to have the loan.

  • Reduce your debt obligations

How many loans are you currently servicing? How much are your fixed monthly costs such as rent? These will influence the cash that’s available for repaying installments on a new loan. For instance, it might be difficult to take on new credit if you have high rent costs, car loans, student loans, or outstanding personal loans. If you have fewer debts and low monthly fixed obligations, you’re free to handle new debt.

  • Find lenders through a loan matching service

Have you driven or walked past a loan store? They mostly offer cash advance loans. Finding a loan online gives you more choices. However, landing a good lender entails more than searching for “loans with no credit” on a search engine.

The best way is to use a loan matching service. The service maintains ties to lending companies offering various types of loans. You fill out and submit one application. It’s then forwarded to multiple lenders who pre-qualify you. Nowadays, you can receive loan offers in less than 5 minutes thanks to automation.

  • Ensure your interests align

Loan companies structure their products differently. Some can offer loans of up to $25000. Some companies cap their highest credit amount to $5000. Keep your interests in mind and choose a lender who can give you the amount you need. Also, check if they offer a fast process. Look for terms such as “same-day funding” or “next-day funding.” Check if the lender requires checking or savings accounts.

  • Pay attention to hidden fees & the APR

A business with good lending practices is transparent. It should not hide costs from you. Everything should be disclosed in the loan agreement. Some of the fees you might encounter include origination fees, administration fees, late fees or non sufficient-fund fees.

Features & advantages of long term installment loans


Feature Advantage
Fixed interest ratePredictive monthly payments. It’s easy for the borrower to plan for them.
Lower monthly paymentThe loan is more manageable than a cash advance loan.
Larger loan amountMore cash for handling big purchases.
Longer loan termThe loan is stretched over several months or years. It allows you to get back on your feet.
No restrictions on how you spend the cashUse funds for personal emergencies, launching a new business, debt-consolidation, etc.

Do you have no credit or bad credit?


“No credit” means that you don’t have a solid history of using credit products. Banks have a hard time trusting inexperienced borrowers. Bad credit implies that you’re more likely to default on a loan or make late payments. To ensure your credit score improves, make the installments on time and do not default. Also, ensure the lender reports repayments to one or more credit bureaus.

Get Matched to Guaranteed Installment Loans Direct Lenders Only


Just Right Loans is a matching service. We connect borrowers to lending partners in our network. You complete one application. It’s then discretely sent to trusted companies who will generate the loan for you. Your data is secured by industry-standard encryption.

Remember that you’re in no way obligated to accept loan offers. No lender should pressure you. Find out if you’re eligible by completing the application for long term installment, no credit check loans on this page.