Rates and Fees

We have helped borrowers of all types find the money they need to pay off bills and stay solvent. Whether you have good or bad credit, we and our lending partners can work with you to find the loan that is just right for you. You can apply for secured (you put up collateral) or unsecured (no collateral) loans, and our lenders will offer you a array of loans with various amounts, Annual Percentage Rates, and repayment periods. You choose the one you want, sign the applied to your loan agreement, and you should receive your money almost immediately.

Loan Components

The loan that you choose will have the following components:

  • Principal – This is the sum being borrowed.
  • Annual Percentage Rate – This is the interest rate which you will be charged for the loan. This is calculated based on your credit rating.
  • Fees – There may be some additional administrative fees applied to your application.
  • Monthly Payments – Your lender will tell you how much you must pay each month
  • Repayment Total – This is the entire sum you must repay including principal, APR and fees.
  • Late Payment Penalties – This is the amount you will be charged if you make a late payment.
  • Default Actions – These are the possible actions the lender can take if you fail to repay your money.
  • Early Repayment Charges – If you pay off your borrowed amount early, you may be charged additional fees.

Just Right Values Your Patronage

Lenders are required by law to include all of these features of the loan in the loan documents. We strongly encourages you to carefully examine all of the terms of the borrowing prior to signing the agreement. If you need help understanding any of these terms, please contact your lender directly. Their phone number and email should be on their website and the documents. If you cannot reach your lender, you may ask for assistance from us.

Never provide an advance payment to any lender.

We take pride in partnering with top lenders in the financial services industry. We work hard to find lenders who offer the most competitive rates on loans. Our lenders have helped countless borrowers with good or bad credit get approved for money. Credit history is only one factor in the approval process, but it may influence the size of the borrowed amount, Annual Percentage Rate and repayment terms.

We will never pressure applicants to accept a offer. Prospective borrowers should carefully consider ALL OF THE TERMS of any offer before accepting. You do not need to accept any money offer, and you are free to turn down all of the offers you receive without any charge.