Lending Policy

Everyone that applies for finance needs to make out a case for approval. In effect they need to convince the lender that they are capable and prepared to pay back their borrowings in full within the agreed term of the loan. Where the financial sector splits into two is that the traditional financial institutions that were caught out by the financial crisis have become increasingly conservative and are likely to reject anyone with a poor credit history.

Positive and Progressive

We do not belong to that part of the industry. We are much more progressive and positive. Our logic is that anyone that applies for a loan and has a regular income that suggests they can afford the repayments is worth our support. Our network of lenders are of a like mind and together we offer a quick and simple service to those in search of finance.

We have a range of products that suit most circumstances and we advise any applicant to read through the details on the website to find out more. We will answer questions and offer appropriate advice. Even if an applicant does not proceed their information is secure and completely confidential. It will never be divulged to any third party not involved in the specific application.

Simple Details

The simple application form asks for personal identity details, proof of regular income as well as bank details. That is sufficient for our lenders to make an immediate decision. It is rare that anyone is turned down if their application is realistic. Some applicants are in urgent need of help. The funds on approval will be electronically transferred immediately even if there is no urgency.

Our invitation to you if you need finance is this. We will be happy to discuss your situation without your being obligated in any way. We will explain what we have on offer and select the best members of our network that we feel can best provide you with what you need. You can proceed with your lender of choice in your own time without any pressure from the prospective lender. You need not fear that your credit score will prevent you from getting the money you need. You will receive a competitive rate that you are welcome to compare with others in the market. Where we feel we have an advantage over others is that we have done much of the preselection for you by building a relationship with many of the best lenders around.