Privacy Policy

When anyone fills in a contact form on our website they have every right to expect that there will be no one other than our staff that receives it and it will not be the topic of discussion within our organisation or to a third party beyond that needed to move the matter forward.

We ask for name, address, telephone and email. In addition your security number is proof of your ID. We respect the privacy of everyone that goes on to our database and seek to provide them with the products and offers that best suit their individual circumstances. The whole basis of our operation is focussed on providing the best possible service and communication gateways. From time to time you have news and information that we believe will be of interest to our database and will send that information be e mail but without any question of following it up with any unsolicited call.


Company policy includes safeguards to prevent unauthorized use of any applicant’s information. In the early days of the Internet people were not certain that personal financial credit card details were safe to provide for purchases. It meant that ecommerce got off to a slow start. Sophisticated payment gateways using encryption have solved that problem and our website is equally sophisticated when it comes to guarding your information even though it is not directly financial. At any time when you may provide details specifically for a transaction, once that transaction is completed the details will be automatically deleted.


In common with most financial websites we use cookies that are files storing data relevant both to the website and to the client. Those files are available both the user and the server so that any correspondence or transaction can be facilitated. The cookies will only be of value if the user approves their use.

In the majority of cases a client will come backwards and forwards, returning to the website a number of times even within a single transaction. The cookies store the history of ‘discussions’ between the client and the company. This information is extremely useful to both parties. In addition they help the company to see statistics on visitors to the website and to modify content accordingly to improve the service offered to clients and potential clients.

A client has the option of disabling cookies but does he or she do so, it may mean that there are parts of the website that will not be accessible or indeed will not be able to function as intended.


Sunriseinstallmentloans guarantees that it will never sell personal data. It undertakes never to transfer any information to a third party unless it is a prelude to seeking the best financial fit for applicants i.e. lenders who specialize in the products that might best suit an applicant’s circumstances. We expect such lenders to give client information as carefully as we undertake to do so that it does not become available to others. Even if no business is transacted there is no question of data being used without express approval.

We will release information if required to by law or with the aim of protecting ourselves and our policies as well as the rights of others. We do from time to time provide user data that cannot be linked to specific individuals for marketing or advertising purposes.

Compliance with Privacy Protection

At sunriseinstallmentloans we are committed not to act against the measures in place at state and federal level to guarantee applicant and client privacy. At no time will we divulge information to a third party other than in a process of informing trusted lenders of information required to assess an application. Every individual has the complete right to request a chance in their information on our database or to actually amend it themselves.

Children’s Privacy Protection

The Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) identifies our obligations and we are more than happy to comply with its message. We will never collect information regarding children under a specified age and all our products and services are directly intended only for those permitted to consider them.


Information that we have gathered from sources other than our website is not regarded as part of our privacy policy.


We assume that those people who use our website agree to our privacy policy by the very nature of their using the website. Anyone not agreeing should stop using the website forthwith.

Updates of the Privacy Policy

In the event that we wish to make any changes to these policies we will do so by publishing them on this page.


For more information or in the event of your having further questions we are happy to respond to your requests. Please make those requests by either telephoning or sending an e mail


E mail-[email protected]