Terms of Use

We provide a service whereby applicants will be given access to one or more of our network of trusted lenders who we feel are suitable for meeting their individual financial circumstances. When you make an application to us we will only share that information with trusted lenders within our network whom we believe are best suited to be able to provide what you are seeking.


Those lenders operate with the same level of integrity as we do; they are committed to service and the confidentiality of all applicants’ information even when there is no business resulting from the application. The initial application will be considered immediately both by ourselves to identify the best lenders in the circumstances and by the lenders themselves who are the ones that can provide the money you need.

Lenders may perform a credit check in some instances; in others where they simply need proof of income and bank details in order to make a decision it is likely that they will not bother. In either event your application is on the understanding that lenders can do the check if they so wish.


We would advise all applicants to read our terms and privacy policy which can be found elsewhere on the website. That should provide a thorough understanding of our commitment to applicants and the extent to which they are granting permission to proceed to ourselves and our lenders. Our lenders’ websites are separate and our legal documents do not apply to them but they each have their own policies and procedures which you should understand before finally agreeing a loan.

We never sell identifiable information on any of our clients. The only lenders that receive it are those we feel can help and they will treat private information in the appropriate way.