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We offer you an excellent support service only too happy to answer any of your queries.

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 We will respond as soon as we hear from you; phone or email whichever you wish. Our terms and conditions and privacy statements contain our commitment to you that everything will be handled in the strictest confidence.You may wish to phone of course if you think that will be quicker but our emails are constantly being monitored.

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Belief in Integrity

We believe in integrity. We do not make unsolicited calls to anyone and will only telephone if you specifically request a call. If you receive a call from someone saying they are ringing on our behalf do not respond and report the call to us. Your privacy is very important to us

We stress that we are not lenders ourselves. We provide a service whereby we put applicants in touch with our network of reliable lenders. We have developed a relationship with lenders who have proved to us hold the same commitment to service and integrity as we do. They are the most competitive in the business as well.

Ultimately the contract will be directly between you and the lender. You should always read the detail of any contract you sign but we can assure you that if you do business with one of our network there will never be any nasty surprises in the small print nor requests for any money in advance.