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Emergency Payday Loans-An Option in Urgency


Do you need cash for an emergency? Then, you might be in a hurry to apply for a payday loan. They are great for emergencies. Millions of people used them when they can’t borrow from other people, use credit cards, apply for bank overdrafts, or pawn their belongings.

What do I need to obtain an emergency payday loan?


You don’t need a lot really. Just meet the following requirements:

  • Be at least 18 years old.
  • Be a resident of a state where payday loans are permitted.
  • Have a stable source of income mostly from employment.
  • Provide proof of income. The lender may ask for bank statements, pay stubs, etc.
  • Have a checking account that can receive direct deposits. Some lenders accept savings accounts.

Can you obtain a payday loan if you are unemployed?


Some lenders cater to unemployed borrowers. They might also accept pensioners, students, and other groups. All borrowers just need to show that they are earning a regular income and provide evidence of their earnings. You can also be deriving income from disability benefits, unemployment benefits, annuities, or retirement income.

How do emergency payday loans compare to pawnshop loans?

Payday Pawnshop
The APR is up to 780%Interest rates start from 200%+
No security or collateral is neededThe lenders requires a valuable personal item
The lender may request copies of your pay stubs, bank account statements, ID, etcMay ask for documents showing proof of ownership to prevent accepting stolen goods.
18 years or older. 18 years or older.
No hard credit check No hard credit check

Get your emergency loans in three easy steps


Step 1: Complete the loan application form

It’s a basic loan request form asking for employer, bank or personal details. This information is used to pre-qualify you for the loan.

Step 2: Getting approved

Getting approved means that the lender is okay to grant you the amount you need to borrow. It is done after you get your details verified. You may be asked to send or upload some documents in this stage.

Step 3: Obtain your cash

The cash is sent to your account shortly after you sign the loan agreement. Funds are sent through ACH payments.

When applying for your loan “Counter check your details.”


It’s vital to submit the correct details in your application form. Wrong details will only delay the loan processing. For instance, if you claim to be earning $3000, only for the lender to verify that your monthly income is $2500, it might cause problems.

What are the benefits of choosing an emergency payday loan?

  • They are fast to obtain.
  • You can get this loan without a good credit history.
  • Suitable for short term lending needs.
  • Funding may take only one business day.
  • There are many lenders in the market. This gives you lots of options.

Which fees are associated with cash advance emergency loans?

  • Late fees – It is a penalty charged by the lender if your payment is overdue. Some lenders consider a payment to be late if it’s at least 5 to 10 days past its due date.
  • NSF fees – They result if you have a bounced check or if an automatic debit doesn’t go through due to insufficient funds in your bank account.
  • Rollover fees – Rolling over means that you borrow an additional loan with the same online lending company to pay the first loan.


    What are the drawbacks of borrowing an emergency payday loan?

The first drawback is the high-interest rates. On average, borrowers pay $15 for every $100 they borrow for 14 days. The APR can range from 280 to 780%, but the average interest rate is about 300 to 400%.

Secondly, the loans have very short terms, which might not give the borrower enough time to recover from their emergency. That’s why some borrowers result in rolling over their loans because they can’t repay them. Thirdly, the loan amount might be less than what’s offered by installment or auto title car loans.

Who are cash advance direct lenders?


A direct lender refers to the loan company that will originate and service your loan. Some companies only service loans. Other companies like this website provides loan matching services.

How can I find direct emergency cash advance loans?


Apply through Just Right Loans. We are not a direct lender. The service we provide is loan matching. Upon completing your loan application form on our website, you’ll get matched to lenders with the highest probability of granting you the loan. Remember to read the terms of your loan agreement before signing it. To get started now, just click the “Apply now” button.